Wednesday 17 February 2016


Also know's as a windspeed meter. 
I use an harddrive motor as encoder. The bearings are very good.  
Still working on it, but i tested the motor with the electronic's and that look's promissing.

                                                     Mechanical drawing (topview)

The motor generate's 3 pulses per revolution. The motor consist of 3 winding's and generate's an
3 phase sinus on it's coil's.
I only use one coil which is measured with an comparator with feedback. 
A oneshot is used to give pulses with a steady width so it's easy for an microcontroller to measure.


Test setup 

I used drain pipe end cap's to mount the motor and also to protect it against rain.

Violet trace: output from the motor
Blue trace:   output from the comparator
Red trace:    output from the Oneshot.

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