Wednesday, 9 December 2015

500V High Voltage power supply for Geiger Mueller tube.

I designed this power Supply for an Gamma radiation counter.

It's based on an application  note from Maxim.
The advantage of this design is that it does not need an transformer.
A simple choke will do the trick.
Another benefit is the low power consumption.
For the voltage multiplier i used ordinary 1N4148 diodes they just work fine,
The Zener is actualy a ICL8069 low voltage reference with a longterm stability of  1 ppm/kHR.
It's a bit overkill but i had one lying around so why not use it.

Sorry for the poor photo, i will change it later !

I measure the pulses from the GM tube with an microcontroller and upload the data once every
minute to the Xively database. It's a very high countrate which you wouldn't expect from an 
GM tube, but it's just a very big tube. 

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